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Annual Reports

The state is our . . . laboratory . . . classroom . . . client . . .

From the rugged Appalachians across the fertile midstate to the banks of the Mississippi, University of Tennessee scientists and scholars conduct projects that discover new knowledge and apply it to expand the state's economy and enrich the lives of Tennesseans.

The University of Tennessee System - made up of three accredited universities and related campuses and institutes across the state - provides a multitude of research, educational, and public service activities that are supported by hundreds of federal, state, local, and private agencies.

The annual report of the UT Vice President for Research provides a yearly fiscal snapshot of those funded efforts. It is drawn from a data base that tracks every proposal and every award made to one of the system's entities. Award data represent monies obligated to the university system to conduct sponsored programs during the state's fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30.

The award totals should not be confused with expenditure data compiled yearly by the university Office of the Treasurer. Expenditure totals represent monies actually spent by UT faculty and staff in conducting research and other sponsored projects and are considered a more accurate indicator of the sponsored activities within a given fiscal year.

The yearly Research and Sponsored Programs report is predictive of future sponsored activities and mirrors changes in the organization and philosophy of the UT System. The university's definition of itself continues to evolve, and the annual report of awards reflects those changes.

2006 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report (PDF)

2005 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report (PDF)

2004 Annual Report
2004 Annual Report (PDF)