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Chairs of Excellence



Burkett Miller Chair of Management & Technology
Dr. Ronald B. Cox

Chair of Judaic Studies
Dr. Irven Resnick

Clarence E. Harris Chair in Business
Dr. Richard C. Becherer

George R. West, Jr. Chair in Communications & Public Affairs
Dr. David B. Sachsman

J. Burton Frierson Chair of Business Leadership
Dr. Mark Mendenhall

Lyndhurst Chair in Arts Education
Mr. Kim Wheetley

O. D. McKee Chair in Dyslexic Research & Exceptional Instruction
Dr. Jim Tucker

Unum Provident Chair in Applied Mathematics

SunTrust Bank Chair in Humanities
Dr. Wilfred McClay

Walter M. Cline, Jr. Chair of Excellence in Physical Therapy
Dr. David Levine


Crippled Children's Hospital Foundation Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Frank A. DiBianca

E. Erick Muirhead Chair in Pathology
Dr. Lawrence Pfeffer

Federal Express Chair in Pediatrics
Dr. Mary Ellen Conley

First Tennessee Chair in Clinical Pharmacy & Pediatrics
Dr. P. David Rogers

Goodman Chair in Medicine
Dr. Arnold E. Postlethwaite

Harriet S. Van Vleet Chair in Biochemistry
Dr. John N. Fain

Harriet S. Van Vleet Chair in Microbiology & Immunology
Dr. Terrance G. Cooper

Harriet S. Van Vleet Chair in Pharmacology 
Dr. Burt M. Sharp

Harriet S. Van Vleet Chair in Virology
Dr. Martha M. Howe

J. R. Hyde Chair in Rehabilitation Engineering

LeBonheur Chair in Pediatrics (first chair)
Dr. James W. Wheless

LeBonheur Chair in Pediatrics (second chair)
Dr. Russell W. Chesney

Mark S. Soloway Chair in Urology
Dr. Mitchell S. Steiner

Maury W. Bronstein Chair in Cardiovascular Physiology

Plough Foundation Chair in Pediatrics
Dr. Bruce S. Alpert

Semmes-Murphey Chair in Neurology
Dr. William A. Pulsinelli

The UT Medical Group Chair in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Veronica Mallett

Thomas A. Gerwin Chair in Physiology
Dr. Leonard R. Johnson

William & Dorothy Dunavant Chair in Pediatrics



Benard Blasingame Chair in Agricultural Policy
Dr. Daryll E. Ray

Bernadotte E. Schmitt Chair of History
Dr. Robert J. Norrell

Chair of Science, Technology & Medical Writing
Dr. Mark Littmann

Clayton Homes Chair in Finance
Dr. James Wansley

Bruce Chair of Excellence in Business Policy
Dr. Theodore P. Stank

Condra Chair of Computer Integrated Engineering & Manufacturing
Dr. Matthew Mench

Condra Chair of Power Electronics Applications
Dr. Fei (Fred) Wang

Forrest & Patsy Shumway Chair in Romance Language

Goodrich Chair Waste Management & Environmental Engineering

Hodges Chair of Excellence
Dr. Elizabeth Bellamy

Ivan Racheff Chair of Materials Science & Engineering
Dr. Peter K. Liaw

Ivan Racheff Chair of Plant Molecular Genetics
Dr. Neal Stewart

J. Fred Holly Chair of Excellence in Economics
Dr. William S. Neilson

Nancy Gore Hunger Chair in Environmental Studies
Dr. Daniel Simberloff

Pilot Chair of Excellence in Leadership
Dr. Mandyam M. Srinivasan

UTK Willis Lincoln Chair in Physics
Dr. John Quinn


Gil Parker Chair in Agriculture & Natural Resources
Dr. Timothy N. Burcham

Horace & Sara Dunagan Chair in Banking
Dr. Thomas H. Payne

Tom E. Hendrix Chair in Free Enterprise & Economics
Dr. Philip J. Young



Edward J. & Carolyn P. Boling Chair of Space Propulsion

H. H. Arnold Chair of Computational Mechanics