InCites is a research analytics and evaluation tool.

InCites can help you showcase your research program’s strengths, identify influential researchers, analyze institutional productivity, and visualize collaborators around the world. InCites enables deep analysis of research publication trends and citation patterns. Research performance benchmarking can be accomplished at various levels – individual researchers, groups, organizations, countries, journals, and research areas.
Web of Science Group
InCites relies on the Web of Science Core Collection databases for all its reports. The Web of Science Core Collection includes published research from all disciplines, including the Social Sciences, and the Arts and Humanities. In addition to journal articles and reviews, the Core Collection data set also includes books, book reviews, and conference proceedings. The Web of Science data, and InCites, is trusted by the world’s most recognized research organizations and research evaluators, including the NIH.

Below is one simple visualization from InCites:

The top ten research areas by the cumulative number of citations received by the papers published by the University of Tennessee Knoxville authors during 2010-2019 period.
pie graph showing citations by U T K researchers

Indicators: Web of Science Documents. Organization Name: University Of Tennessee Knoxville. Time Period: 2010-2019.

InCites dataset updated Sep 26, 2019. Includes Web of Science content indexed through Aug 29, 2019. Export Date: Oct 15, 2019.


How do I get started?

Our InCites Solutions Specialist, Nick Mitchell, PhD, provided a series of InCites trainings specifically for our institution. Recordings of three of these sessions are available at our getting started page, along with links to documentation and other training.
Get Started
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Office-Specific Use Cases

Research Office

  • Review internal expertise areas
  • Analyze collaboration networks on campus and with peer institutions (in the US and globally)
  • Measure output and impact for distinct research topics
  • Track corporate partnerships
  • Monitor outcomes of funded research


Administration/Academic Affairs/Central Reporting

  • Extract and integrate data for faculty, department and college level evaluations
  • Tell stories of the institution’s impact
  • Understand the data behind university rankings
  • Expand and strengthen partnerships


Institutional Research/Assessment

  • Extract and integrate publication information with other types of institutional data
  • Assist with gathering information for accreditation
  • Evaluate impact metrics down to the individual paper level
  • Capture all authors and their affiliations on published research (updates every month)


Global Affairs and Global Engagement

  • Understand your institution’s research performance on a global scale
  • Report on current and historical international collaboration
  • Target international collaborators by matching our research area strengths with theirs