The University’s RE0002-visitors engaged in research (VEiR) policy is a systemwide assurance that each campus is cognizant of all visitors performing research, and that each visitor, whether U.S. citizen or foreign national, is properly vetted. This allows for compliance with legal requirements and proper review by research security, human resources, export control, immigration and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Who is Considered a “Visitor”

For the purposes of the VEiR policy, a visitor is any visiting scientist, visiting scholar or other unaffiliated individual (e.g., faculty, students, post-docs, industry collaborators, etc.) who is not on the University payroll and seeks access to University laboratories or other similar research facilities for the purposes of research and/or collaboration with University employees.

What is My Responsibility as a Sponsor?

Sponsors submit a completed Visitor Information Packet to their Departmental Business Manager prior to the proposed visitor working in a university laboratory or other assigned workspace. These forms and agreements will require a proposed Visitor to agree to certain terms and provide information that allows for the proper identification and vetting of the visiting researcher. Please consult your local business manager, human resources representative, or the VEiR policy for further details.