What is Research Security & Why is it Important?

The University of Tennessee System is dedicated to supporting its researchers and values international collaboration. This website was designed to help our researchers navigate research security risks and protect university, state and federal equities.

Report a Concern System/Campus Contacts
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Conducting International Research

Is international collaboration encouraged? The U.S. federal Science and Technology (S&T) research agencies seek to maintain a vibrant science and engineering community for the benefit of the nation.

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Requirements for International Travel

There are reporting requirements associated with participation in international travel for UT-sponsored and foreign-sponsored events.

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Hosting International Visitors for Research

The University’s RE0002-visitors-engaged-in-research (VEiR) policy is a systemwide assurance that each campus is cognizant of all visitors performing research and that each visitor, whether US citizen or foreign national, is properly vetted.

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Receiving International Funding or Resources

There are hoops to jump through. Export control should be consulted and outside interest disclosure forms need to be updated. Your research and finance offices will review for potential conflicts of interest.

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How Do I Identify Insider Threats?

Insider threat is generally considered the potential for an individual to use authorized access to an organization’s assets to knowingly or unknowingly do harm. The damage from insider threats can manifest as espionage, theft, sabotage, workplace violence, or other harm to people and organization.

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